středa 9. srpna 2017

We All Should Be Feminist | Ngozi Chimamanda Adichie

It has been ages since I have read a book in English and write a blog post in English as well. But finally here I am with yet another perfect book called We All Should Be Feminist, right?

The author called Adichie is well known for her perfect novel Americanah which depicts the life of a Nigerian girl in completely new American culture. You might not know that she also writes online essays and she focuses on such topics as feminism, racism or racial segregation. She has been also invited to the TED Conference where she delivered two mind blowing speeches - the first one called The Danger of a Single Story and the second one called We Should All Be Feminist

The book We Should All Be Feminist explains what can feminism actually mean in nowadays world. When I say feminism, what do you imagine? Women with her burning bras shouting how they hate men? No, not at all. As I understand feminism, it is about equality and understanding between man and woman. It is about infinite support and believing in that we - women - can handle any kind of situation. It is about respect as well. When we were discussing the topic of feminism at the university and the lecturer asked whether we feel like belonging to the feminism movement, only approximately  10 out of 30 people raised their hands. The reason might be the wrong understanding of feminism.

Ngozi Chimamanda Adichie became a highly inspiring woman in my life. Her stories and essays always made me more productive and she also showed me that all the hard work and effort is absolutely worth it.

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