středa 1. února 2017

BLOOM | Esteé Lalond

I am so excited to introduced you BLOOM. You might be familiar with the Youtube channel Esteé Lalond - young independent and inspirational lady who is actually beyond this fantastic book. Even during reading it I was looking forward to writing this review so let's start, shall we?

Esteé and her channel have been my ultimate inspirational boost since her early Youtube beginnings. I really admire her determination but her style as well. When I found out she was going to publish a book, excitement would perfectly describe my state of mind. Unfortunately I have found a way to this book just recently (because here we do not have Amazon and blah, blah). My opinion is that we should treat yourselves even for a little victories in our lives so I ordered this book after finishing my exam (which I was pretty scared about) to one of the Prague's bookstores and voilà - he it comes. 

First thing which caught my eye was definitely the appearance of the book - the colors, the smooth paper and the cover photo - everything I have expected (and maybe even better). Even the design of the book reminded me of Esteé. I started to read it immediately and it kindly provided me a company during my exam week (I would not call it a procrastination but an inspirational necessity)

Esteé introduces her life in a completely different way than in her videos. I would say that in the written form she is more personal and opened to her viewers (or readers?) which means that she has answered all my questions which came to my mind during watching her videos. Her book is divided into eight chapters: Life - People - Work - Beauty - Fashion - Home - Travel - Food. As you are reading her story you are reminiscing your life stories as well (at least I definitely was). As I was reading this book I found out that I am not alone in these problems considering friendship or founding your personal style. It might seem like she is writing about general topics but you must know her videos a bit more to completely understand it. My favorite bits a pieces of this book were almost all chapters except beauty because I am not completely into this kind of a world. But I love the personal descriptions of her closest friends and family, founding herself in the blogging world as well as in the fashion one and the list would go on and on. 

When she was writing about the miserable friendships and how she acted oddly in order to be favorite at school, I completely found myself in this chapter because I had (and maybe still have) these friendship problems as well. But after those years I found myself in a couple of friends who understand me and they like me (myself and I) as I simply am. 

I am very grateful for these inspirational books which gave me another energy to spent so if you want to get to know this amazing woman you should definitely give this book a try.

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